richedit: Documented paragraph border widths are in points not pixels.

Dylan Smith dylan.ah.smith at
Sun Feb 28 14:01:00 CST 2010

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 1:09 PM, James McKenzie
<jjmckenzie51 at> wrote:
> git apply complains about whitespace errors:
> 0001-richedit-Documented-paragraph-border-widths-are-in-p.patch:10:
> trailing whitespace.
> int ME_GetParaBorderWidth(ME_Context *c, int flags);
> 0001-richedit-Documented-paragraph-border-widths-are-in-p.patch:35:
> trailing whitespace.
> /* The documented widths are in points (72 dpi), but converting them to
> 0001-richedit-Documented-paragraph-border-widths-are-in-p.patch:36:
> trailing whitespace.
>  * 96 dpi (standard display resolution) avoids dealing with fractions. */
> 0001-richedit-Documented-paragraph-border-widths-are-in-p.patch:37:
> trailing whitespace.
> static const struct {unsigned width : 8, pen_style : 4, dble : 1;}
> border_details[] = {
> 0001-richedit-Documented-paragraph-border-widths-are-in-p.patch:38:
> trailing whitespace.
>  /* none */            {0, PS_SOLID, FALSE},
> error: patch failed: dlls/riched20/editor.h:229
> error: dlls/riched20/editor.h: patch does not apply
> error: patch failed: dlls/riched20/paint.c:461
> error: dlls/riched20/paint.c: patch does not apply
> error: patch failed: dlls/riched20/wrap.c:522
> error: dlls/riched20/wrap.c: patch does not apply

That is weird.  It seems like there are dos line ending ("\r\n") in
the patch when I download it from gmail, but when I save the patch
through alpine it has unix file endings ("\n").

I have been using git imap-send to upload the patch from gmail's draft
folder so that I could send manually after looking over everything,
but all the text piped into git imap-send has unix line endings.  I am
not sure if gmail is changing the line endings on me, or if git
imap-send is changing line endings when I upload the patch. Either way
Julliard must have managed to deal with this since the last patches
that I sent were sent in the same way.

Has anyone else been having the same problems?

$ git --version
git version

I am using Ubuntu's git package that I recompiled with ssl support for
git imap-send (see Ubuntu bug #432786

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