richedit: Documented paragraph border widths are in points not pixels.

Andrew Eikum andrew at
Sun Feb 28 14:16:00 CST 2010

On 02/28/2010 02:01 PM, Dylan Smith wrote:
> I have been using git imap-send to upload the patch from gmail's draft
> folder so that I could send manually after looking over everything,
> but all the text piped into git imap-send has unix line endings.  I am
> not sure if gmail is changing the line endings on me, or if git
> imap-send is changing line endings when I upload the patch. Either way
> Julliard must have managed to deal with this since the last patches
> that I sent were sent in the same way.

I'd be very surprised if git is modifying your patches without telling 
you.  It's probably Gmail trying to be clever.  Telling git-imap-send to 
send as an attachment (--attach) might fix the issue.  Or, if you're 
already doing that, maybe turning it off would fix it ;)

git-apply can be configured to automatically fix whitespace errors, 
which is probably what Julliard is using.


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