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Tue Feb 23 11:03:59 CST 2010

provide source (the source link takes you to an empty repository;
interestingly the LGPL requires you to provide the changed source if
you distribute the software...), Wineskin is a complete installation
wrapper that I would guess does the desktop integration itself, is down but doesn't have any
relevant patches, and I don't have CrossOver4Mac or a Mac to test it
and see what it does.

Maybe it's that Linux users generally expect the free software to be
good, while Mac users generally expect good software to cost money, so
when someone develops the extra bits for Wine on Mac, they either keep
them to themselves or sell them? Also, I think more Wine developers
use Linux than Mac, so there's less interest in fixing Wine on Mac.

> And I didn't write trivial Mac patches either, e.g. to have
> wineprefixcreate symlink c:\users\xyz\ Desktop + Videos + Documents +
> Music to /Users/xyz/Desktop/ etc. =A0This happens on Linux, not on MacOS.
> That's another (example of a) missing element.
> (Why didn't I write it? Because I was unsure where to put the #ifdef)

Isn't that linking done relative to $HOME, which should resolve to
/Users/xyz on Mac?

> Regards,
> =A0J=F6rg H=F6hle

Damjan Jovanovic

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