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Tue Feb 23 11:03:59 CST 2010

been anyway.

But there are also cases like e.g. where you completely
miss the real issues in the patch, and instead recommend referring to
a bug number in the commit log, if not directly putting in a link.
Alexandre has told people several times in the past not to do that,
and I believe even to you yourself. Now it turns out Mikko didn't do
that, but listening to that advice would have hurt that patch more
than it would have helped.

This is of course not a new thing, you've been doing that for at least
as long as I've been contributing patches, but the difference is that
previously you didn't give a damn about Direct3D or D3DX, focusing on
real, useful applications and associated APIs instead. That means this
was mostly Alexandre's problem, and whoever happened to be the
relevant module maintainer, if any. Alexandre and most other Wine
developers are much nicer people than me, and Alexandre enjoys
rejecting patches anyway. But *I* care about Wine's Direct3D, so I'm
saying something about it.

> Would you really prefer I retire from Wine?
I haven't given that much thought, mostly because I don't think it's
an option that has a realistic chance of happening, either way. More
importantly, the "really" there is misleading, I didn't mention or ask
for that. What I *would* like to ask is that you don't misrepresent
yourself as somehow speaking for the Wine project, or being an
experienced Wine developer. And just so it's clear, it's perfectly
fine that not everyone is an active developer. Austin and Wylda for
example do lots of useful work in bugzilla, without primarily being
developers. But if you're giving people development advice, or are
trying to influence development direction, you'd better make sure that
you actually know what you're talking about. (And no, you're certainly
not the only person giving questionable development advice either. I'm
mostly pointing this out because you started pointing fingers.)

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