avifil32: Overwrite dwRate in the audiostream with the nBlockAlign from the wave header

Julius Schwartzenberg julius.schwartzenberg at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 10:53:36 CST 2010

Paul Vriens wrote:
> Do any of these patches fix any of the tests? If so you should also 
> change the tests by removing one or more todo_wine()'s.
> This could become tricky though if your tests patches are not committed 
> before these ones.

Yes, all the tests work properly with my patches. I had understood that 
todo_wine should be based on the state of current GIT. But I understand 
now that normally a fix should remove an existing todo_wine in GIT.
Right now I'm indeed not sure how to deal with this since I don't know 
whether either the tests and/or the fixes will be committed.
I kinda hoped Alexandre had some kind of automated way to removed fixed 

Indeed stupid I hadn't caught the C++ comment when checking everything. 
It was even an old leftover, I resent the patch now.

Thanks for the feedback!

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