Student Interested in Google Summer of Code 2010

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Wed Jan 27 06:16:01 CST 2010

On 27 January 2010 12:57, Tony Wasserka <tony.wasserka at> wrote:
> at the msdn documentation to see the whole list of interfaces. I guess
> the most profitable would be implementing the effect interfaces, since
> these are the most used ones next to shaders and textures. I'm not sure
I'm sure the effect interface would be useful to implement, but aside
from probably having a dependency on the HLSL compiler, it's probably
just too hard. 2 or 3 months really isn't a whole lot of time either.

That said, I'd be willing to mentor D3D or D3DX projects this year,
provided they have convincing proposals.

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