[2/5] d3d9: The depth clamp test fails on Nvidia Windows drivers

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Jul 5 10:11:24 CDT 2010

I tried a lot of things, and I couldn't get these tests working on this box(gf9600,win7 x86). d3drs_clipping doesn't do what the test expects, in either d3d version. If anyone knows what's wrong feel free to bring up a better solution.

I also can't get pop3d working on this system to see if the game that needed the original clipping hack. renders properly.

If I had to guess the Nv driver probably runs things through some d3d9->d3d10 mapper provided by ms. That could explain why nv d3d10 setups fail but d3d9 ones work.

Wrt ddraw/d3d8, I'd prefer to get the d3d9 testsuite working on my box first. Currently I get thousands of test failures, making  development of new bugfixes pretty much impossible. I'll take care of ddraw/d3d8 too, but first i want to regain the ability to write new tests.

Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at gmail.com> schrieb:

>I'm not sure blindly marking these as broken is the way to go. Either
>way, ddraw and d3d8 have the same failure.

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