please don't shoot from the hip ;)

Misha Koshelev misha680 at
Fri Jul 9 13:15:09 CDT 2010

Hi Guys:

I really appreciate all the responses to my work on this bug

Especially the fact that you guys are looking at this code is very very
important to me, as it will have to be eventually reviewed to be
submitted to Wine.

However, I am a little frustrated as the comments I received were things
already discussed on wine-devel.

I find myself in quite the lucky position that I can work on Wine for
some time. I do this with no economic compensation of any kind (as I
guess most of you as well - except Codeweavers people grin ;) - oh and
full disclosure with the exception of a book on DirectX and hopefully a
trip to WineConf ;) ).

However, I'd like to spend the time actually coding, not referencing

In any case, I'd appreciate it if you have a comment on my code/patches,
esp if it might have already been discussed on wine-devel, please don't
"shoot from the hip" and check wine-devel first...

Anyway enough venting.

Off to work. Again I appreciate the attention to my patches.


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