wined3d/directx.c: Corrected Nvidia 8400 and 8500 reporting

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Mon Jul 12 14:59:24 CDT 2010

I'm fine with tying the 8400 and 8500 together if you assign it 128MB
of memory for now. I think the desktop cards typically have 256MB or
more but some boards (and I think mostly laptops) might have only

Though the same issue would remain for the 8100/8200/m8300 regarding
cuda, but those cards aren't used that much (well some cheap
laptops/desktops might use them) but using them for CUDA might really
not make sense just of performance reasons.


> Separating the 85/8400 into it's own id is valid and easy enough to do. I
> had tied them to the 8600GT because I thought it was simpler and created
> less overhead for just two GPU's that probably don't represent a large
> population. I think the 8400 should be tied to the 8500 or on it's own. If
> you put the 8400 back with the 8300 then someone might run into the same
> issue we are having now.
> Thanks,
> Seth Shelnutt
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 2:51 PM, Roderick Colenbrander
> <thunderbird2k at> wrote:
>> Hi Seth,
>> It is not a good idea to advertise a 8400 and a 8500 as a 8600GT. All
>> Geforce8 GPUs have the same features (except, some have different
>> purevideo capabilities). As mentioned before even CUDA is allowed on
>> all GPUs but only if they have 256MB or more.
>> Likely the app you are using either disallows this GPU based on the
>> wrong number of video memory Wine reports or it just disallows poor
>> GPUs because it is not worth the effort to use them for CUDA
>> computations because they don't have enough computation power.
>> The Geforce 8600GT is (depending on the configuration) upto 4x faster
>> (if you just look at shaders + clock speeds), so it is really not a
>> good idea to mark the 8400/8500 as a 8600GT. This could really cause
>> issues for games which use the PCI id to select a performance profile
>> at startup.
>> It would be better to add a separate 8500GT entry with 256MB. I'm not
>> sure if we want to merge it with the 8400 though since the 8500 has
>> 256-1024 (depending on the model) and the 8400 has 128-512MB. A lot of
>> modern games like to have around 256MB. I guess it is best to keep the
>> 8400 tied to the 8300.
>> Roderick
>> On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 7:04 PM, Seth Shelnutt <shelnutt2 at>
>> wrote:
>> > Moves the Nvidia Geforce 8400 and 8500 to be reported as 8600GT as
>> > they have
>> > feature parity. This is needed for CUDA applications to support these
>> > two
>> > cards. They are currently reported as an 8300 which is not CUDA capable.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> >
>> > Seth Shelnutt
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >

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