kernel32: Partially update the Dutch translation

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Mon Jul 12 18:04:52 CDT 2010

On 13 July 2010 00:22, Sven Baars < at> wrote:
> -Te veel open bestanden
> +Teveel open bestanden
Actually, I think the original was more correct. AFAIK "teveel" is a noun.

>  MessageId=102
>  SymbolicName=ERROR_SEM_IS_SET
>  Language=NLD
> -Semaphore is set
> +Semafoor is een set
I guess it depends on the context of the message, but it would make
more sense to me if that's the verb "set" instead of the noun. I.e.,
as in "is in use" instead of "is a set".

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