Please remove / block user from bugzilla

Wolfram Sang wolfram at
Fri Jul 16 07:10:28 CDT 2010

> For reference, there are two basic reasons for not referring to
> bugzilla when sending patches, in the commit log or otherwise. The
> first one is that patches should stand on their own. If the bug
> contains important information that's relevant to the patch, that
> should be included directly in the commit log. If it doesn't, well,
> the reference it just redundant. The other reason is that it's not
> unlikely that the commit log will outlive bugzilla. I.e., you can't
> depend on bugzilla always being there. That's essentially the same
> reason as for not including hyperlinks in comments, although at least
> the source code can easily be changed, while for the commit log that
> would be a serious pain.

I am confused. Following this list only, I so far did not notice someone
saying "don't tell the bug number" (ok, might be my fault), but a few
times asking the question "does this patch fix an actual" bug. Also,
SubmittingPatches says:


Include a description
If you're working on a bug in bugzilla, mention the bug number, and
consider filing a bug if none exists.


Maybe this is a misunderstanding of terminology? 'commit log' is for me
the combination of the single-line 'header' plus the 'description', which
can be multiple paragraphs. (and is usually dropped when patches are
imported to the official repo. Why is that BTW?) I would agree, that the
bug number should not be in the header, but having it as additional
information besides the regular description should not really hurt?

Kind regards,


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