Please remove / block user from bugzilla

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Fri Jul 16 06:40:16 CDT 2010

On 16 July 2010 12:26, Luke Benstead <kazade at> wrote:
> Probably not my place to wade in here, but that's not true, he didn't
> mention the commit log:
> "Be sure to mention in the post that it fixes
> I'm pretty sure he meant in the email when he emails wine-patches rather
> than in the commit log.
Sure. Practically speaking there's no real distinction between those
though, especially not if you're using "git send-email" (recommended)
to send your patches.

For reference, there are two basic reasons for not referring to
bugzilla when sending patches, in the commit log or otherwise. The
first one is that patches should stand on their own. If the bug
contains important information that's relevant to the patch, that
should be included directly in the commit log. If it doesn't, well,
the reference it just redundant. The other reason is that it's not
unlikely that the commit log will outlive bugzilla. I.e., you can't
depend on bugzilla always being there. That's essentially the same
reason as for not including hyperlinks in comments, although at least
the source code can easily be changed, while for the commit log that
would be a serious pain.

> I've got to say Henri, I think you are being a little unfair here. Yes,
> possibly Dan has given flawed advice in the past, but it's nothing that a
> private email or chat on IRC wouldn't have solved.
> Launching into a tirade against him publically isn't helping anything, all
> these instances are Dan trying to help out, quite obviously not to be
> "insidious" or to harm the project.
"Insidious" doesn't imply intention, nor did I claim intention
anywhere else. I'm sure Dan (like others) is just trying to help
people get their patches committed. But then, I don't think Vitaliy is
thinking "Let's have some fun being rude to people in bugzilla"
either. That doesn't change the fact that I *do* think both of those
hurt the project, or at best just irritate people. As for "tirade", I
think the discussion has been fairly civil so far, and I also think
wine-devel is the correct place for issues like these.

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