wined3d: Add Nvidia 8800GTX detection

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Tue Jul 20 21:05:51 CDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 1:57 AM, Seth Shelnutt <shelnutt2 at> wrote:
> For ati there is also GL_ATI_mem_info [1] or WGL_AMD_gpu_association [2] . I
> believe that [1] is now obsolete as from reading some of the wine-dev
> mailing list [3], and some other site it seems AMD is now pushing the using
> of WGL_AMD_gpu_association instead. A patch could be written in the exact
> same manor as your nvidia patch for ati. There doesn't appear to be an intel
> or via extension to get video memory, although it's much less of a problem
> for those integrated graphics.

The WGL/GLX_AMD_gpu_association extension exports the amount of video
memory but the extension itself is more meant to divide the load
between multiple (even different) GPUs. The GL_ATI_mem_info extension
is fancier and like the Nvidia one it also exports the amount of free
video memory. The downside is that older drivers don't support the
(undocumented) total amount of video memory.

Looking at the past most Nvidia extensions at some point become ARB
extensions or serve as the start of one. I wouldn't be surprised if
there would come some EXT/ARB specification. The few GL games out
there right now all uses hacks to get this information (WoW for
instance uses ddraw when running using OpenGLon Windows, recent ID
software games use extensions like NV-CONTROL on Linux).


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