wined3d: Add Nvidia 8800GTX detection

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Wed Jul 21 10:30:10 CDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 4:02 AM, Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at> wrote:
> On 21 July 2010 05:08, Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at> wrote:
>> I think 'select_card_*' should just return the pci device id and the
>> default amount of video memory should be stored in lets say the driver
>> version table (a different name for the table might make sense). It
> Yeah, this should be based on the card id, like the description
> string. You can probably also do much of the gl_renderer matching
> based on a table. Ultimately you may want to move it out of the source
> code completely, into a file, or perhaps the registry. The card db
> could be updated independent of Wine itself then, though at that point
> you'll have to start worrying about compatibility between Wine
> versions.
> Also note that while accurately detecting the total amount of video
> memory is nice, GetAvailableTextureMem() is probably at least as
> important.

Sure, GL_*_memory_info extensions could help there but I think we
should be cautious with just adding such support to there. Over the
past few months I have seen various reports of users who run games
which say to require lets say 128MB of video memory and they just
don't work on Wine if you don't select a higher amount of video memory
in the registry. I haven't looked at this at all yet but perhaps the
current code has some tracking bugs or perhaps the fact that we don't
track video memory of managed resources perhaps confuses some games.
It could also be something else but perhaps you have seen things like


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