How to handle Wrapper(?) Dlls

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Mon Jul 26 08:58:25 CDT 2010

>>>>> "Henri" == Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at> writes:

    Henri> On 26 July 2010 13:28, Uwe Bonnes
    Henri> <bon at> wrote:
    >> there are several hardware related libraries, like libusb and
    >> libftd2xx which exist on Windows and at least linux. I tried already
    >> to add libftd2xx, but with silent reject.
    >> What is the preferred way to handle it? I feel including in wine is
    >> favorable, as this gives a good user impression, as some hardware
    >> device connected to the machine with the windows software installed
    >> has good chances to work out of the box.
    Henri> I think the idea there is that these would be redundant once Wine
    Henri> gets proper USB support, though that may still take a while.

Wrapper DLLs, where possible, are much more favorable. They don't require
server calls for each function call.
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