gameux: Add declaration of IGameExplorer2 interface

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at
Wed Jun 2 11:21:46 CDT 2010

> I attached configure files, cause they're part of main
> tree. I though, that if they're intended to being generated,
> they would already be listed in .gitignore file.
> So, must I avoid sending both "configure" and ""
> files?

The configure file is generated, and you should always avoid sending
changes to that. That was not the reason I said you should not have
them in the patch.

Your change to appears to add gameux.dll, which you don't
want to do just yet.

> Also, should I fix it, and resend these patches again now?

You can do that, or you can wait and see what happens on

The patch adding the header file looks good to me and does not depend
on any other patches, so it may be accepted, or you may need to change
it. Or Alexandre may just wait for you to resend the whole series
correctly. I cannot guess.

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