gameux: Add declaration of IGameExplorer2 interface

Mariusz Pluciński vshader at
Wed Jun 2 18:58:06 CDT 2010

W dniu 02.06.2010 18:21, Vincent Povirk pisze:
> Your change to appears to add gameux.dll, which you don't
> want to do just yet.
Right, I did not notice it. This should be part of next commit in
my local tree. Valid using git is still little problematic for me.
> The patch adding the header file looks good to me and does not depend
> on any other patches, so it may be accepted, or you may need to change
> it. Or Alexandre may just wait for you to resend the whole series
> correctly. I cannot guess.
OK, I'll fix and resend it. Thanks for your help.

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