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André Hentschel nerv at
Thu Jun 3 15:10:15 CDT 2010

Am 03.06.2010 13:21, schrieb Ismael Barros²:
> Hello,
> We have decided to renew our offer of Wine T-shirts, as the current
> T-shirt has had mostly no success at all, probably because users don't
> feel identified nor appealed with the design. I'm attaching the pdf
> with our new proposals (we hope you like them!). We decided to offer
> the design in black garment, as in our experience it works much
> better.
> We want to be transparent, so I'm attaching also a spreadsheet with
> our expenses, donations and profits for each model.
> We usually collaborate with FOSS events, sending them stuff from our
> catalogue for its sale on the event. In these cases, we make a double
> donation: one to the organization of the event (higher, as they are in
> charge of the sales) and another one to the corresponding FOSS
> organization for the sold article. You can see the details in the
> spreadsheet. If you have no objection, we'll send Wine stuff to the
> event that require it.
> Currently, almost all organizations we work with have us linked from
> their website. This helps boosting the sales, and therefore the
> donations, so that everybody wins. We would be very glad if we could
> get a link somewhere at, or alternatively a news item,
> which for us has the downside of having a limited front-page
> life-span, but works nonetheless.
> We hope you like and approve the design. Suggestions are welcome. When
> the design is approved, we'll upload it to our website.
> Kind regards,
> Ismael
i like that one more than the actually available one.
Specially the T-Shirt is really cool with the big image on the front.
I think i will buy it.


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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