xrender.c is does not find fontconfig.h on OS X Tiger

Mike Kronenberg mike.kronenberg at kronenberg.org
Fri Jun 4 18:36:04 CDT 2010

Dear List

OS X Tiger does has not have fontconfig, so I'm building it in ~/buildwine/usr to keep it out of /usr.
I include the headers and libs from ~/buildwine/usr with CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS. 

This worked fine until 1.2-rc1 and 1.2-rc2.

Compiling xrender.c now exits with an error that FC_WEIGHT_THIN etc is not defined.

configure leaves me with


in the config.log.
No luck even if I

export FONTCONFIGINCL="-I//$HOME/buildwine/usr/include/fontconfig -I//$HOME/buildwine/usr/include'

which resulted in a correct FONTCONFIGINCL, but the compiling still failed.
All the other custom compiled deps are working as usual.

Any hint what I might missing?

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