xrender.c is does not find fontconfig.h on OS X Tiger

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 6 11:14:40 CDT 2010

Mike Kronenberg wrote:
> Dear List
> OS X Tiger does has not have fontconfig, so I'm building it in ~/buildwine/usr to keep it out of /usr.
> I include the headers and libs from ~/buildwine/usr with CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS.
What Mike meant to say is that MacOSX does not include fontconfig 
functionality in the developer libraries, so he is building fontconfig 
version 2.8.0 and placing in outside of the systems files to prevent 
> This worked fine until 1.2-rc1 and 1.2-rc2.
> Compiling xrender.c now exits with an error that FC_WEIGHT_THIN etc is not defined.
This may be caused by a recent patch commited by AJ.  Also, this error 
does not happen with the built-in fontconfig provided with MacOSX 10.5 
and 10.6.
> configure leaves me with
> SONAME_LIBFONTCONFIG='libfontconfig.1.dylib'
> in the config.log.
> No luck even if I
> export FONTCONFIGINCL="-I//$HOME/buildwine/usr/include/fontconfig -I//$HOME/buildwine/usr/include'
> which resulted in a correct FONTCONFIGINCL, but the compiling still failed.
This should point to fontconfig's include files, but is it necessary to 
add in the library files as well?

Everything else appears to be building up to this point and then failure 

I cannot assist Mike with his regression efforts as I don't have an 
Intel Mac with MacOSX installed.  Using the Software Development Kit for 
MacOSX 10.4 does not force this error to happen as the MacOSX 
development libraries are used.

James McKenzie

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