Making AppDB look nice

Alexandru Băluț alexandru.balut at
Tue Jun 8 02:27:59 CDT 2010


I think the AppDB pages look bad, and I want to spend some time to make them
look better. For example:
- In the page that shows a version of an application, the background color
in the list of test results depends on the rating of each test result, and
it looks very messy, that rating color should be used somehow only in the
Rating column.
- More generally, get rid of the colored gray background colors, and
eventually use discrete alternate colors like Bugzilla when listing bugs.
- Get rid of the whole-row clicking, for example in the Top-10 tables in the
first page, because it works weird when you middle-click. (This is more than
improving looks, but still, it's on my TODO list)

If you have specific suggestions on how to make the AppDB pages look better,
and consistent with the rest of the winehq sites, please tell me.

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