New wisotool 20100618: 19 new verbs (blur, spore, photoshop cs5, ...), and 75 old ones

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Jun 18 18:43:09 CDT 2010

wisotool is a handy winetricks-like script for automatically
installing games from .iso or .mds files copied from your own dvds
(or, if the game is freely downloadable, it will download it).
Just like winetricks, it is intended to make testing Wine easier,
but might be useful for people who simply want to install games.
Unlike winetricks, wisotool is quiet by default; it doesn't ask any
questions (except, for now, it prompts for your password so
it can mount the .iso file).

Wisotool currently supports about 95 games and/or benchmarks (see below).
Please consider contributing support for your favorite game, it's not (too)
I'm especially interested in recent or beta games; ideally wisotool
would support good games or betas on or near their day of release.

Wisotool is available at
You can read more about it at
Please report bugs via

Changes since version 20100530:

Austin English:
New verbs proevolution2010_demo pscs5 pscs5_pickle pscs5_unpickle

Dan Kegel:
New verbs bioshock_demo blur rom
Various bugfixes

Eleazar Galano:
New verbs avatar_demo braid braid_demo darknesswithin2_demo hegemonypom_demo
hphbp_demo nfsps_demo popsot spore

Travis Athougies:
New verbs 7million msaoe_demo

Vincent Pelletier:
New verb beneath_a_steel_sky_gog

Here's the current help message:

Script to install games automatically.
Usage: wisotool [options] package [package] ...

 -q         quieter
 -v         verbose
 -V         display Version
 3dmark03                 3D Mark 03 (Futuremark, 2003) [download]
 3dmark05                 3D Mark 05 (Futuremark, 2005) [download]
 3dmark06                 3D Mark 06 (Futuremark, 2006) [download]
 3dmark2000               3DMark2000 (, 2000) [download]
 3dmark2001               3DMark2001 (, 2001) [download]
 7million                 7Million (Deep Silver, 2009) [download] [broken on
 abes_exoddus_gog         Abes Exoddus (
 abes_oddysee_gog         Abes Oddysee (
 assassinscreed           Assassins Creed (Ubisoft, 2008)
 avatar_demo              James Camerons Avatar The Game Demo (Ubisoft,
2009) [download]
 baldursgate2             Baldurs Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn (Bioware, 2000)
 battle_chess_gog         Battle Chess (
 beneath_a_steel_sky_gog  Beneath a Steel Sky (, free)
 beyond_good_and_evil_gog Beyond Good and Evil (
 bfbc2                    Battlefield Bad Company 2 (EA, 2010)
 bioshock                 Bioshock (2K Games, 2007)
 bioshock_demo            Bioshock Demo (2K Games, 2007)
 blur                     Blur (Activision, 2010)
 braid                    Braid (Number None, 2009) [download]
 braid_demo               Braid Demo (Number None, 2009) [download]
 codmw2                   Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Activision, 2009)
 darknesswithin2_demo     Darkness Within 2 Demo (Zoetrope Interactive,
2010) [download]
 descent_1_2_gog          Descent and Descent 2 (
 descent_3_gog            Descent 3 (
 diablo2                  Diablo II (Blizzard, 2000)
 dragonage                Dragon Age: Origins (Bioware, 2009)
 dukenukem3d_gog          Duke Nukem 3D (
 dukenukemmp_gog          Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (
 earth_2150_trilogy_gog   Earth 2150 trilogy (
 earth_2160_gog           Earth 2160 (
 earthworm_jim_1_2_gog    Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 (
 earthworm_jim_3d_gog     Earthworm Jim 3D (
 empire_earth_gold_gog    Empire Earth Gold (
 evil_genius_gog          Evil Genius (
 fallout_2_gog            Fallout 2 (
 fallout_gog              Fallout (
 fallout_tactics_gog      Fallout Tactics (
 far_cry_gog              Far Cry (
 flatout_gog              FlatOut (
 freespace_2_gog          Freespace 2 (
 freespace_gog            Freespace (
 ghost_master_gog         Ghost Master (
 ground_control_2_gog     Ground Control 2 (
 gta_vc                   Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Rockstar, 2003)
 half_life_goty           Half Life: Game of the Year Edition (Sierra,
 hegemonypom_demo         Hegemony: Philip of Macedon Demo (Longbow Games,
2010) [download]
 help                     How to use this tool
 hon                      Heroes of Newerth (S2 Games, 2010) [download]
 hphbp_demo               Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Demo (EA,
2009) [download]
 lswcs                    Lego Star Wars Complete Saga (Lucasarts, 2009)
 manhole                  The Manhole Masterpiece Edition (Cyan, 1994)
 masseffect2              Mass Effect 2 (BioWare, 2010)
 mdk2_gog                 MDK 2 (
 mdk_gog                  MDK (
 mnbw_demo                Mount & Blade Warband Demo (Taleworlds, 2010)
 morrowind                The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Bethesda, 2002)
 msaoe_demo               Age of Empires Demo (Microsoft, 1997) [download]
 neighbours_from_hell_compilation_gog Neighbours From Hell 1 & 2 (
 nfsps_demo               Need For Speed: Pro Street Demo (EA, 2007)
 operation_flashpoint_goty_gog Operation Flashpoint GOTY (
 orangebox                Orange Box (Valve, 2007)
 painkiller_black_gog     Painkiller Black (
 pcmark04                 PC Mark 04 (Futuremark, 2004) [download]
 pcmark05                 PC Mark 05 (Futuremark, 2005) [download]
 perimeter_gog            Perimeter (
 plantsvszombies          Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap Games, 2009)
 popsot                   Prince of Persia Sands of Time (Ubisoft, 2003)
 popsot_demo              Prince of Persia Sands of Time Demo (Ubisoft,
 praetorians_gog          Praetorians (
 procycling08_demo        Pro Cycling Manager 2008 Demo (Cyanide, 2008)
[download, broken in wine]
 procycling09_nda         Pro Cycling Manager 2009 (Cyanide, 2009)
 proevolution2010_demo    Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Demo (Konami, 2009)
 pscs5                    Photoshop CS5 Demo (Adobe, 2010)
 pscs5_pickle             save Photoshop CS5 Demo to tarball
 pscs5_unpickle           restore Photoshop CS5 Demo from tarball
 psychonauts_gog          Psychonauts (
 quake3                   Quake 3 (ID Software, 1999)
 re5bench                 Resident Evil 5 Benchmark (Capcom, 2009)
 redneck_rampage_gog      Redneck Rampage (
 robinson_requiem_collection_gog Robinson Requiem & Deus (
 rom                      Runes of Magic (Frogster Interactive, 2009)
 settlers_2_gold_gog      The Settlers 2 Gold (
 shogo_gog                Shogo Mobile Armor Division (
 sims3                    The Sims 3 (EA, 2009)
 splitsecond              Split Second (Black Rock Studios, 2010) [wine bug
 splitsecond_demo         Split Second Demo (Black Rock Studios, 2010) [wine
bug 22865]
 spore                    Spore (EA, 2008)
 starcraft                Starcraft Battle Chest (Blizzard, 1998)
 starcraft2               Starcraft II beta (Blizzard, 2010)
 stfu                     Starwars: The Force Unleashed (Aspyr, 2009)
 sto                      Star Trek Online (Cryptic, 2010)
 tex_murphy_1_and_2_gog   Tex Murphy 1 & 2 (
 unigine_heaven           Unigen Heaven 2 Benchmark (Unigen, 2010)
 unreal_2_se_gog          Unreal 2: The awakening Special Edition (
 unreal_gold_gog          Unreal Gold Edition (
 ut2004_gog               Unreal Tournament 2004 (
 ut_goty_gog              Unreal Tournament GOTY (
 wog                      World of Goo demo (2D Boy, 2008) [download]
 wowbc                    World of Warcraft: Battle Chest (Blizzard, 2008)
 load          Load a disc into the iso cache
 load=KEY      Load a disc with given key; only works from commandline at
If the game is not marked with {download} or {loaded} in the menu, you have
to insert its disc and give the 'load' command before you can choose that
game in the menu.  If the game has multiple discs, you have to do this for
each disc.
If the game has an install key, you have to enter that when loading the
first disc.  (You have to do that from the commandline, e.g. sh wisotool
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