Addition of En resources to non-En resources

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Jun 25 08:56:54 CDT 2010

On Fri, 25 Jun 2010, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> > Requiring that translators master both skills severly limits the pool of 
> > translators we can draw from.
> Doesn't this sound similar to so called limitation that exists for people
> willing to work on Wine code, but have no appropriate skills?

Absolutely not. For the coding part there is no other choice. For 
translations we can do better by reusing existing tools.

> Sounds not very exciting. If there is a choice of having resources with properly
> placed and sized controls but english only, vs. translated but with broken layout
> ones, then I'm afraid most users would prefer an english variant.

You seem to think that the current situation results in a few 
translations with perfectly laid out dialogs. I did a few simple tests 
that make me pretty skeptical of that:

dlls/comdlg32/cdlg_En.rc: LTEXT "List Files of &Type:", 1089, 6, 104, 90, 9
dlls/comdlg32/cdlg_Eo.rc: LTEXT "Dosier&speco:", 1089, 6, 104, 90, 9
dlls/comdlg32/cdlg_Wa.rc: LTEXT "Djveye des fitchs del sr&te:", 1089, 6, 104, 90, 9
dlls/comdlg32/cdlg_Fi.rc: LTEXT "&Luettele tiedostot tyypeittin:", 1089, 6, 104, 90, 9
[27 more]

dlls/msvfw32/msvfw32_En.rc:    PUSHBUTTON "&About...",883,129,52,49,14
dlls/msvfw32/msvfw32_Da.rc:    PUSHBUTTON "O&m...",883,129,52,49,14
dlls/msvfw32/msvfw32_Ru.rc:    PUSHBUTTON "&Информация...",883,129,52,49,14
dlls/msvfw32/msvfw32_Uk.rc:    PUSHBUTTON "&Інформація...",883,129,52,49,14
[14 more]

dlls/shell32/shell32_Ja.rc: LTEXT "Wine was brought to you by:", IDC_ABOUT_WINE_TEXT, 8, 54, 204, 10
dlls/shell32/shell32_Es.rc: LTEXT "Wine le ha sido proporcionado por:", IDC_ABOUT_WINE_TEXT, 8, 54, 204, 10
dlls/shell32/shell32_Si.rc: LTEXT "Wine smo ustvarili:", IDC_ABOUT_WINE_TEXT, 8, 54, 204, 10
dlls/shell32/shell32_Sv.rc: LTEXT "Wine hade inte varit mjligt utan dessa personer:", IDC_ABOUT_WINE_TEXT, 8, 54, 204, 10
[18 more]

dlls/winspool.drv/En.rc:    LTEXT "&Output File Name:", -1, 7, 13, 194, 13, WS_VISIBLE
dlls/winspool.drv/Pl.rc:    LTEXT "&Nazwa pliku do ktrego ma by zapisany wydruk:", -1, 7, 13, 194, 13, WS_VISIBLE
dlls/winspool.drv/No.rc:    LTEXT "&Ut-fil:", -1, 7, 13, 194, 13, WS_VISIBLE
[19 more]

These were picked at random. Isn't it strange how all these translated 
controls have the same size as the English version despite widely 
different text content?

So in fact all you get with the status-quo is few translations *AND* 
broken dialog layouts.

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