Addition of En resources to non-En resources

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On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 11:14, Paul Vriens < at>wrote:

> On 06/25/2010 11:04 AM, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>> Francois Gouget<fgouget at>  wrote:
>>> We will still need people to take on the somwhat unsexy control resizing
>>> task and that may be a problem. If it turns out we lack volunteers for
>>> that we may turn to some automatic layout scheme, for instance describe
>>> the resources in a glade-like language and translate+convert them to rc
>>> files at build time.
>> Sounds not very exciting. If there is a choice of having resources with
>> properly
>> placed and sized controls but english only, vs. translated but with broken
>> layout
>> ones, then I'm afraid most users would prefer an english variant.
> Once we start using po files we can probably get rid of the 'transl'
> website as those stats will come from whatever tool we choose to deal with
> po files.
> For the actual resources and their size/placements it would be nice to have
> a tool/website as well that could be used to show how the translated
> language actually looks in a menu/dialog/whatever with even the possibility
> to change things. Is that feasible?

Why reinventing the wheel? Such a tool already exists (ResHacker or
What we should do to attract more people is to provide a more
"user-friendly" web page/ translator page explaining in greater detail:
- how to find what has to be translated (translation statistics, .rc files,
- how to edit a file (#pragma code_page, encoding, menu accelerators, ...)
- how to check/adapt actual results with ResHacker, since you have to either
adapt the text to fit in, or the dialogs size)
- how to create a patch OR send it to e.g. translation at for

I may help in doing this.

Furthermore, on the main web page, "Development - Become a Wine developer"
can be intimidating for some potential translators (most non-developers
potential translators would not consider themselves... well... developers!).
Maybe something like "Contribute - How you can help" (or similar) would be
less repulsive.

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