Debian package backorder

Ben Klein shacklein at
Sat Jun 26 02:13:54 CDT 2010

On 25 June 2010 15:17, Ben Klein <shacklein at> wrote:
> Unless someone wants to donate an AM2/DDR2 motherboard to me, someone
> is going to have to take over the packaging of Debian Stable, Testing
> and Unstable packages.

Good news: I got a motherboard that is made of 120% concentrated awesome:

Bad news: My desktop is still not powering up. No flickering lights or
fans spinning (not even in the PSU). Maybe someone can help diagnose
this for me:

* Last time working, newly-plugged-in USB devices were not
functioning. USB mouse was fine (plugged in from boot, no legacy mouse
in BIOS), no other USB device functioned correctly (one card reader
not detected at all, another only detected with first of four slots
* System believed to have shut down normally from last working state,
but cannot confirm this.
* Main issue: press power button; nothing happens.
* Power supply LED on old motherboard was active (indicating PSU
giving power to motherboard). New motherboard does not have this LED.
* Tested with another system's power button, no difference.
* Tested with another system's PSU, no difference.
* Suspected mobo issue due to USB problems. Tried new mobo (above), no

So now I suspect the CPU (Phenom x4 945, IIRC). The RAM (4x 2GB
DDR2-800) is the only other device I haven't changed or unplugged.

If my (new) suspicion is right:
Pro: I'd have to get a Phenom II to replace it (don't even mention
Semprons!), meaning more cache and faster processing, and having the
option of going X6.
Con: I CAN HAS TEH CASH PLZ? I can't afford a comparable CPU (AUD$161
for Phenom II x4 945), especially after buying the new motherboard
(which I don't particularly want to return; it's narrower than my old
one and has features that better suit me).

Remind me to send a letter to AMD thanking them for putting DDR2
controllers in their AM3 CPUs.

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