Wine on cygwin now compiles!

David Gerard dgerard at
Sun Jun 27 05:31:07 CDT 2010

2010/6/27 Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ) <ngompa13 at>:

> DirectX 10 games on Windows XP :P
> Seriously though, being able to run programs that ran on Windows 9x but not
> NT based Windows would be a pretty good use for Wine. Granted, most of those
> programs are games, but meh. And then there's being able to run 16-bit
> Windows apps on 64-bit Windows! :P

16-bit compilation is currently disabled in Cygwin. There's a list of
ideas on -

* As much as possible should compile (and even work).
* Check how well the .EXE and .DLL made by Wine on Cygwin work in
Windows. If a MinGW-compiled DLL works in Windows, a Cygwin-compiled
DLL should.
* ./configure fails to pick up the presence of a lot of packages it should.
*  Win16 is disabled in Cygwin (severe compilation problems). Enabling
that and getting it to compile would be interesting.

That's as well as writing a program loader that works ;-)

It is important to stress that this is *largely pointless* and mostly
driven by *hack value*.

- d.

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