Stack corruption in dsound.c

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu May 6 12:47:59 CDT 2010

>* Can i make assumption, that log produced by wine is not buffered anywhere
>and is written to console sequentially and immediately when that event
>happened? (in other words log output doesn't outrun each other lines)

Sadly, not in a multithreaded program.

>* Is HEAP_ValidateInUseArena called automatically when HeapAlloc() or
>HeapFree() is called?

When WINEDEBUG=+heap, it's called on HeapFree, HeapReAlloc, or HeapSize.  See

Now that you know there is heap corruption, you may be able to
pinpoint the line of code that causes it using Valgrind.
(It's slow and uses lots of memory, so it's not practical for all apps,
but when it works it's great.)

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