wined3d: Set alpha channel to 0 for pixels with color key

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at
Tue Nov 16 06:11:41 CST 2010

On 16 November 2010 12:46, Ilya Shpigor <shpigor at> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is patch for bug:
> Current DirectDraw implementation doesn't process color key correctly.
> I have add manually pixels color checking on surface loading because don't
> able to find GL function to do this.

This patch is wrong. Color key processing happens mostly in
d3dfmt_convert_surface(), you should try to figure out why it isn't
happening for this application. Some more general points are that
perform_color_key() would need to be static, casting void pointer is
redundant, the color key is a range, not a single value, and try to
use consistent formatting.

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