Packaging 1.3.7 and newer, lucid?

rozwell rozwell69 at
Sun Nov 28 10:47:13 CST 2010

Scott Ritchie <scott <at>> writes:

> Uploaded as of 10 minutes ago, probably still building in launchpad.  I
> put 1.3.7 on hold for Lucid/Karmic because I hadn't yet updated
> ia32-libs for them to support the newer gstreamer stuff.  But it's
> better to release with those broken than to delay the release, so I'm
> gonna put 1.3.8 there too.
> Thanks,
> Scott Ritchie


Will the package delay be 1 release behind for Lucid? I'd rather stick to it for
I'm curious if it's just a temporary situation?
Maybe I could help somehow to build the newest wine packages for Lucid?


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