WINE Performance and Evernote 4.0 Windows Client

Martin Packer martin_packer at
Sat Oct 30 02:58:30 CDT 2010

Evernote are in the process of releasing 4.0 of their Windows client. This 
is completely rewritten to avoid the use of things that would stop it 
running under WINE. (This WASN'T their target - it was more about device 
drivers that had been problematic.)

It runs reasonably well on the latest WINE. However it runs slowly (in a 
way it doesn't under "real" Windows) and also the autoupdater doesn't seem 
to work.

Is anyone here willing to work with them and us to help it run faster? (I 
haven't got commitment from Evernote to make changes but I have got their 
attention now.) :-)

Hopefully you can see this thread on the Evernote bulletin board:

Thanks, Martin

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