Purist keyword?

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Sun Oct 31 04:53:03 CDT 2010

Am 30.10.2010 um 22:30 schrieb Maarten Lankhorst:
> I really don't see what 'purist' adds, if a game fails because a
> builtin dll is missing a function, why would it matter if the game
> installs a native dll by default or not? The bug is still in the
> builtin dll, whether you use the builtin dll or not. ;)
At some point we'll probably change the DLL load order for that particular DLL from native,builtin to builtin, native(via changing DLL_WINE_PREATTACH). In that case all those bugs would turn in to real bugs.

Besides, there are situations when you'd prefer not to use any Microsoft redistributable DLLs due to license reasons. Even if they came with the game.

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