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Sat Sep 4 13:09:05 CDT 2010

On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 9:00 PM, Jacek Caban <jacek at> wrote:

>  On 9/4/10 2:28 PM, Octavian Voicu wrote:
> There are some recent crashes in urlmon:url (32 bit) that seem to be
> related to wine gecko. The crashes are pretty random (usually crashes at
> "asynchronous https test", but I've seen crashes with other backtraces or in
> other tests, and sometimes all tests run without a crash).
>  I don't have the debug symbols for wine-gecko installed, but I attached a
> log+backtrace of the crash. Tell me if you need something more.
>  They started for me just about when we switched to wine 1.1.0, but I'm
> not the only one who gets them. The bad thing is that it stops the tests
> with a message box saying TerminateProcess failed, so it's a pretty bad
> crash
> This is not new crash. It's an old, rare random crash. I've tried to debug
> it, but didn't find the bug. I will probably come back to this later, when
> time permits.

But is it related to a bug in wine or gecko? Running with debug version of
gecko shows numerous assertion failures and at the end lots of unclaimed
memory, but I suppose you know about these problems.

I know it's random, but after the upgrade to wine 1.1.0 it's become must
less rare for me. Again, I must stress that that is just one backtrace, I've
seen crashes in different places, but most happen somewhere during https
test (again, not in the same place all the time).
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