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James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Sep 12 15:17:02 CDT 2010

  On 9/12/10 12:29 PM, Dan Kegel wrote:
> James McKenzie wrote:
>> Dan Kegel<dank at>  wrote:
>>> And as long as it's up and running, how about a look forward
>>> at the 1.4 release plans?
>> Would be nice to know what has priority for this release.
>> I would love to see the DIB Engine be the 'deal maker'.
> Ain't gonna happen.  Too hard, not enough manpower
> going into it.
Then the second goal is not going to happen either :(  Emmanual 
Malliard? and others have stated that the DIB engine is a pre-requisite 
for it.
> A more realistic goal held over from 1.2 might be
> DX10 support.  There are several people chugging away,
> getting bits and pieces of that committed.
The 'missing' pieces of DX9/DX10 would be a great deal maker for 1.4
> I proposed a few smaller goals for 1.4 at
> :
> Bug 6971, the mouse problem affecting many FPS-style games,
>   IIRC Alexandre says it would take him four weeks to clean
>   up the XInput2 patches
This is under way by a few folks, right?
> AcceptEx (bug 280) - needed for Warcraft III and a number of other
> games (Mike Kaplinskiy's real close on this, so maybe it doesn't
> even bear mentioning as a 1.4 goal)
I hope that Mike can solve this one.
> Antialiasing/Multisampling (Roderick's got a patch that needs a few
> weeks of cleanup)
Again, this should be done quickly as well.

Wine 1.4 should have something in it along the level of x64 code or a 
bunch of updates/fixes.

I like the third one, and it is quite possible that this will be the one 
to make Wine 1.4 a possibility.  Many folks would love to use their 
favorite USB 'thingy', be it a dongle, iPod, etc.  that does not look 
like a serial device or a drive device.

Anyway, I'm plugging away at Max's last DIB attempt in bug 421 to see if 
it breaks on the Mac Intel platform.

James McKenzie

> - Dan

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