VarDateFromStr parses yyyy-mm-dd as yyyy-dd-mm in European locales

John Fremlin john at
Mon Apr 25 13:03:17 CDT 2011

Dan Kegel <dank at> writes:

> Nikolay wrote:
>>> Who has authority to approve it?
>> A patch? Alexandre Julliard, he's the only project maintainer.
>> Send a patch to wine-patches at when you think
>> it's ready and you'll get some feedback if it's not.
> Be sure to send it to winetestbot first, and fix any problems it finds;
> see

I added an additional testcase as requested.

winetestbot didn't find any problems (proving I think that native never
prefers y-d-m, as one might expect).

I've submitted it to wine-patches. Should I have subscribed to that list
first? I'm willing to jump though any hoop to get this trivial one-liner
in :-)

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