Current state of USBD.SYS

louis at louis at
Tue Aug 9 18:15:26 CDT 2011

  I'm in the process of migrating custom patches made to WINE 1.1.7 to
WINE 1.3.24.  Among those is USBD.SYS, which we use to run a Windows
driver for a specific USB device which has no equivalent Linux driver. 
I was wondering what to expect from 1.3.24 as far as USB device
discovery and Windows driver support goes.  For example, our older
patched version ties into Linux HAL to find devices, but there doesn't
*appear* to be the same functionality in this newer stock version.  Does
anyone know what the goal of usbd.sys is in WINE 1.3.24?

Also what I'd like to find out is if there is maybe a cutting-edge
usbd.sys module that hasn't made it into the development WINE branch.

Anyway, thanks for your time and any help is greatly appreciated, as always.


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