Buildbot status

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Aug 19 17:56:01 CDT 2011

Hi Seth,
yum, yes, please send me your changes.  I'd be happy to add gentoo
prerequisite handling.

I don't think the build slave needs any incoming connections at all,
it always connects to the master, not the other way around.

What graphics card do you have?
- Dan

On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 3:32 PM, Seth Shelnutt <shelnutt2 at> wrote:
> Dan,
> Great job with this. I've got a 64bit E6300 I can setup as a build slave.
> It's up and on 24/7 folding (gpu) so the cpu sites mostly idle. I've already
> adapted your scripts to work with gentoo/funtoo. I just replaced the apt-get
> with emerge commands. I can send those changes to you if you want? I don't
> know if you'd want to implement os detection based installation of the
> prereqs or its easier to just leave it alone.
> The only thing about setting up a build slave would be I'd have to run it
> off of port 53. My ISP (cox) blocks all inbound ports except 22,23 and 53.
> Port 53 is reserved for DNS gateway, but since I don't run one that isn't an
> issue on mine end. Do you have anything against running on port 53?
> Thanks,
> Seth Shelnutt
> On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 7:29 PM, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
>> caught a couple of real problems today.
>> Remember the original patchwatcher?  It died because only
>> one person knew how to run it, and it was too hard to set up.
>> I'm trying to not make that mistake this time.
>> To that end, I've made the process easier, and would like as
>> many people as possible to try running buildbot slaves (and, at least
>> temporarily, masters!) so the knowledge is spread around.
>> It's probably ready for other people to try running one.
>> If you're interested, see
>> Changes since last post
>> - made cleaner script and doc for adding a new slave
>> - rewrote patch series recognizer (old one was broken and opaque)
>> to-do list:
>> - make it start automatically after reboot
>> - sandbox it
>> - turn on build result emails
>> - add a bit of parallelism into the test runner, so e.g. tests that
>> don't need the display or network run in parallel with those that do,
>> probably in a separate wineprefix
>> - add valgrind slave
>> - add windows slave (like testbot, but with real graphics and sound)
>> - add x86_64 slave
>> - move master to once it seems ready

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