wined3d: Add WINED3D_BUFFER_HASDESC at index buffer creation

Norbert Lataille nlataill at
Sun Aug 21 03:32:01 CDT 2011


I see what you mean about buffer_unload(). I understand you are saying that
this patch is not "complete" (in the sense HASDESC flag being cleared this
means this is not a proper way to flag such buffers), not that what the
patch is trying to do is a non-existing issue.

I will propose an update.

However, I will focus on Constants submission first, in order to get the
submission process right.
One thing at a time.


2011/8/20 Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at>

> On 20 August 2011 18:46, Norbert Lataille <nlataill at> wrote:
> > Patch is forcing WINED3D_BUFFER_HASDESC flag at Index Buffer creation
> time,
> I doubt this works properly, unloads will drop it again.
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