avifil32: Remove the stream format string from the resources?

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Thu Aug 25 03:46:52 CDT 2011

In the wvifil32 resources we have this string:


I see no way in which this can be meaningfully translated and many ways 
in which translators can mess it up. It was introduced in this 

    commit 4c04e1fd8773fd7b8884a8c5fead4609869bf4ab
    Author: Michael Günnewig <MichaelGuennewig at gmx.de>
    Date:   Fri Oct 18 00:24:41 2002 +0000

        - Add wavefile handler.
        - Add implementation for IGetFrame.
        - Implemented loading and writing of AVIs.
        - Add some more stubs for some API functions.
        - Add resources to avifil32.dll.
        - Implemented AVISaveOptionsFree.
        - Declared IID_* as extern in avifil32.spec (avoids linker problem).

Any reason not to convert it to a simple string constant?

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