cmd: Don't parse colons as stream separators when splitting paths.

Octavian Voicu octavian.voicu at
Mon Aug 29 19:38:45 CDT 2011

2011/8/29 Octavian Voicu <octavian.voicu at>

> Alexandre already committed the patch, so if native passes the test I can
> send a test for the next iteration. On the other hand, if native chokes on
> the colon, then we shouldn't add any testcases. If it works, might also
> throw a @pwd@ in there.

I've got the results, see [2]. I tried doing cd to a foo:bar directory, but
it fails on Windows. Not sure what's with all the extra failures, but except
tests on NT (where %cd% is broken) the second %cd% shows that either the
directory was not created, or cd failed to that directory.

I guess we could throw in the test without the echo %cd% part, but I'm not
sure if it wouldn't affect subsequent tests -- if cd fails, then cd .. will
go one level upper. Not sure if the test is worth the trouble...


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