Try to Implement my first Stub function - AbortPrinter() - (try 2).

Loïc Maury lmaury at
Wed Feb 9 11:27:40 CST 2011

Hello Mr.Eikum,

On 09/02/11 16:30, Andrew Eikum wrote:
> On 02/09/2011 09:09 AM, Loïc Maury wrote:
>>>  The indentation looks fine to me now. You've got an extra newline
>>>  after the "if(printer->doc)" block and before the "else." The
>>>  formatting on the TRACE statement is still bizarre. Fix the commas and
>>>  put it on just a couple of lines. No reason for one line and a ton of
>>>  whitespace for each parameter. See line 1944 for an example.
>> Ok, it's correct now ?
> The content looks fine, but there are still formatting problems in 
> your patch. You're still using commas strangely in your wrapped TRACE 
> statement. Your editor is broken again, and you are now mixing tabs 
> and spaces. A few lines still have whitespace at the end.
> These are things you should verify yourself before sending it off for 
> someone else to look at.
Sorry for this, now I have verified with git diff and git diff --check, 
and I have no trailing whitespace.

I think it's correct.

Thank you

> Andrew

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