avifil32: Skip tests when we couldn't create or open the AVI file

Julius Schwartzenberg julius.schwartzenberg at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 17:10:33 CST 2011

GOUJON Alexandre wrote:
> I know I sent this patch about two weeks ago but I thought it was
> pending because of the 1.3.13 release.
> So, does anyone has an idea how to make this patch applied in the
> current tree ?
> The context is that we don't fail when we couldn't create or open the
> AVI file. (I think the title of the patch is explicit)
> Thus, we call "WriteFile(hFile" in the first part of the test even if
> In the second part, we call "AVIFileGetStream(pFile" even if
> "AVIFileOpen(&pFile" failed.

Is there a specific situation in which the file creation fails? I 
expected the temporary directory would always be writable when I created 
it like that. Maybe that is not a good assumption when writing tests though?


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