Fail to use USB-Key/USB-Shield with wine USB patch :cannot start service 'SCardSvr':win error code:0x00000424

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Sat Jan 15 11:00:05 CST 2011

Please note that getting support for unofficial patches on this list
is a little iffy.  Mostly, you're on your own.

> Step 1:
> winetricks-alpha -q mfc42
> winetricks-alpha -q crypt32
> ( mfc42 and native crypt32.dll are required to install safesign_icbc_per.exe
> )

mfc42 is outside of Wine's scope, but crypt32 is not.  Have you opened
a bug for this?

> wine tokenadmin.exe
> fixme:winscard:SCardReleaseStartedEvent stub
> fixme:winscard:SCardEstablishContext (2,(nil),(nil),0x32f2f4) stub
> fixme:winscard:SCardEstablishContext (2,(nil),(nil),0x659130) stub

winscard.dll is a stub in Wine.  There is an unsupported version out
there by Mounir Idrassi that might help.

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