3Dmark2001se & heap corruption

wylda at volny.cz wylda at volny.cz
Sun Jan 16 09:40:58 CST 2011


as there is a strong Valgrind wave these days ;) and i failed to
find the problem myself here is a little exercise for anyone

1. WINEDEBUG=warn+heap wine 3DMark2001SE.exe

2. Under selected test -> (click) Clear -> (tab) Custom -> (check)
"Game2 Dragothic Low Detail" -> OK

3. (click) Benchmark

At the end, console is flooded by many:

Heap 0x110000: block 0x2c41070 tail overwritten at 0x2c410a1 (byte
0/15 == 0x00)

Heap 0x110000: block 0x1c46b08 tail overwritten at 0x1c46b39 (byte
0/39 == 0x00)


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