Correction to crash inside RtlCaptureStackBackTrace() + test case

Austin English austinenglish at
Mon Jan 31 00:19:47 CST 2011

On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 22:15, Janne Hakonen <joyer83 at> wrote:
>>Also, it is custom to mark your resubmissions with corrections as [try x].
>> Makes it easier to determine what you are doing.
> I posted my patches to patches mailing list only once so far, so there
> hasn't been any retries yet.
> But, I shall add that tag if/when I need to adjust those or any future
> patches.
> If I need to make changes to, say, test cases, should I also send bug fix
> patch again even if there is no changes to that?

Please. If it is two separate patches, be sure to make it a series
(label them 1/2, 2/2) and that the tests pass before/after each patch.


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