Glitch-free iTunes?

Keith Curtis keithcu at
Mon Jul 4 21:50:46 CDT 2011

None of the Linux kernel developers are paid by Linus nor can be fired by
him. Linus never forces people to respond to his mails or to work on
anything. What has happened is that the team has realized that having goals
and leadership has led to good results, and Linus is a good leader, and so
they follow along. If Linus says something needs to be worked on, it
happens. The rest of the people keep doing their own work.

I'm not suggesting to force people to work on iTunes. However, it shouldn't
take too much prodding for people to want Linux to work with one of the most
important hardware product lines.

It is sad that Linux in 2011 cannot run iTunes. This is the fault of WINE
and Apple. Maybe the work has been slow. I can't speak to how quickly you
are moving, only the results. I have read through your code some years ago.
The software that existed was high quality. You keep getting bigger and

I understand you have a lot of work to do. That is why I suggest priorities
or goals. They help manage large workloads. From the outside, you appear to
be working on things randomly, and you can do better.


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