Glitch-free iTunes?

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Tue Jul 5 05:48:36 CDT 2011

Perhaps such response is due to my language barrier, but...

* On Mon, 4 Jul 2011, Keith Curtis wrote:
> I bring up Linus because he can focus efforts. You don't need Linus. You
> just need the same result -- focused efforts. There is another name for this
> concept -- teams. Maybe WINE needs sub-teams?

Keith, maybe you should contact Codeweavers to persuade the right persons? 

> However, you have accomplished so much already. Year after year, you 
> accomplish more, and yet you just think that it is hopeless or 
> something.

What makes you say the last part (mentioning hopelessness)?

> And one worthy goal is iTunes runs better than on Windows. If you had 
> that as a goal 5 years ago, you would have succeeded by now. 

Then 64-bit Wine port, DIB engine/rewrite wouldn't be started; XI2, 
XRender, Xcursor support, IO completion ports wouldn't have been born; 
Winsock, OpenGL in child windows, Systray would work in much buggier way; 
and APC would fail in addition to 16-32 bit thunking issues.

I've forgot to mention countless fixes for window handling subsystem (in 
managend and unmanaged mode), COM mechanisms such as proxy delegations, 
marshaling, stubless proxies, RPC, Widl, X11 CopyPaste support, Inetcomm, 
Winhttp, implementations.  Plus ton of Unicode fixes.

All that would stay broken / unfixed / unimplemented.  But iTunes would 
probably work (in possibly wrongly architectured way).

Would such tradeoff be OK for the community?
No offense, but I doubt it.

> I understand that WINE has many apps that you want to work. You are doing
> well. It is just missing some features that are not being caught by your
> random work. I know you'll get there, in the next 10 years. Perhaps by the
> time Apple no longer matters you'll have it working.

BTW, Keith, could you please estimate how much people / work hrs were used 
to make XP a final product + produce security fixes?  (And that's counting 
25 years!)

I guess a lot more people / hrs than it is used for Wine.
My rough guess is 10 times.

In the case of Linux kernel, it is very different game, IMHO.
(less restrictions and INSANE compatibility issues:)

But you could always contact our "dictator-in-chief" Alexandre to hear the 
last decision on project managament:)

My two cents,

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