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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Wed Jul 20 09:12:08 CDT 2011

I have started running a script that can check for translation issues in 
PO files against Wine's PO files.

The issues it checks for include:
 * Mismatched printf format specifiers.
 * Mismatched trailing ellipsis.
 * Other mismatched trailing punctuation like full stop, question mark, 
   space, etc.
 * Mismatched line feeds, trailing or not.
 * Spaces followed by line feeds.
 * Untranslated strings.

Obviously some of these result in false positives. For instance 
'Document' is written exactly the same in English and in French so to 
the script it will look like it was not translated. If you send me the 
corresponding error lines I'll make sure they are ignored by putting 
them in an 'ignore' file.

So here's the web site:


A typical report looks like this:

    L71: msgid or msgstr does not end in '[.]{3}'
    L75: msgid or msgstr does not end in '[.]{3}'

You'd typically have the report and the corresponding PO file (here 
pl.po) open side by side, and jump to the PO lines mentionned in the 
report to investigate each of them. These are two ellipsis issues by the 

As you can see it's quite primitive. That's both because I'm not much of 
a web developer guy and because I'm still unsure how much interest there 
is in this.

Also there's an open-source tool that does the same type of checks and 
more, though it seems to lack a way to handle false positives. It's 
pofilter from the translate-toolkit package. This tool is integrated 
with Pootle (the online PO file editor), so maybe this will do all we 
need once we put our PO files online for translation.

In the meantime if any translator is interested in seeing what potential 
issues lie in their PO files... I'd particularly appreciate help with 
cleaning up the ellipsis, trailing spaces and untranslated string 

See wine-patches for a handful of patches I'm sending based on the 
initial reports.

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