[docs] winedev: Update code columns limit (resend)

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at redhat.com
Mon Jul 25 04:42:06 CDT 2011

André Hentschel wrote:
> Am 24.07.2011 00:02, schrieb Francois Gouget:
>> On Mon, 4 Jul 2011, André Hentschel wrote:
>> [...]
>>> -	    Code is usually limited to 80 columns. This helps prevent
>>> -	    mailers mangling patches by line wrap. Also it generally
>>> +	    Code is usually limited to 100 columns. It generally
>> I'd prefer to keep the 80 columns recommandation.
>> With 80 columns one can nicely fit files side by side on a laptop with a 
>> typical 1024 horizontal resolution whereas with 100 colums one would end 
>> up with the hair comb effect thus making the code unreadable. Also 100 
>> seems close enough to 80 that I'm not sure it actually provides any of 
>> the benefits that longer lines are supposed to provide (if they are 
>> supposed to provide any). 
> I see your point, but looking at the code it's already quite often around 100 and AJ also stated that 100 is more or less the actual limit.
> Otherwise i wouldn't have sent the patch.
Yepp, 100 is the preferred line length for Wine for over a year now.
Personally I would have gone for 120 but Alexandre said that 100 is
enough. So all my janitorial patches since then have cleaned up the line
length to 100 en passant.


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