Bug status transitions ~ bug 27908

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Thu Jul 28 04:04:34 CDT 2011

Austin English <austinenglish at gmail.com> writes:

> In the case of bug 27908, there was no release yet, and I don't think
> it's unreasonable for a user to report bugs that are in the latest
> release. Building from git is a time/space consuming pain for most
> users. If a user reports a bug in a very old release, it's not
> unreasonable to ask them to try in a newer release before looking at
> the bug. If the bug was reported in old wine and fixed in newer, well,
> it technically was fixed, but marking it invalid helps prevent skewing
> our bug statistics (and may encourage the user to try latest
> development releases before reporting bugs) :).

I don't see why it would skew the statistics. If the user encountered a
bug and we fixed it, it should count as a fix, no matter when the bug is

Of course if it's already fixed, it's probably because there was an
older report about it, in which case the new one should be marked
duplicate. But if it's really a bug we didn't know about that happened
to be fixed by "collateral damage", it's still a valid report and should
be marked fixed.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at winehq.org

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