ddraw: Add tests for Setcooperativelevel

paulo lesgaz jeremielapuree at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 1 13:37:36 CDT 2011

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Objet : Re: ddraw: Add tests for Setcooperativelevel

On Wednesday 01 June 2011 08:01:57 paulo lesgaz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> any problem with the patch
>> http://source.winehq.org/patches/data/74702
>I guess Alexandre was waiting for a reply from me or Henri.
>The tests themselves look ok, but I wonder what your ultimate goal is - is 
>there a game that has issues with DDSCL_CREATEDEVICEWINDOW?

Yes, see bug 25660
allowed with a NULL window. That is what expected by Half life I demo.

Currently, Wine returns DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS.

Obviously, there are already tests that prove that 
DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE+DDSCL_FULLSCREEN fails with a null window.

> Also the tests we 
>have are somewhat unsatisfying, we don't have a single test where 
>DDSCL_CREATEDEVICEWINDOW is supposed to succeed.

Maybe it would be the subject of an another patch?


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